Great post by one of our own co-founders, Ashley Gustafson.

After hearing about the San Francisco vintage pop-up shop, Golden Collective, in Refinery29 I had to take a weekend off to check this place out. I’m not usually a huge vintage buyer, but when the opportunity comes up where I can get an awesome vintage piece for a reasonable price I am in. After driving around a bit, looking for the place, I noticed a vintage clothed mannequin sitting outside the corner of Fulton & Clayton and I said to myself this has to be the place. First off, the pop up shop is super small, which is expected. It’s in a tiny garage, but once you walk in there is a ton to look at from vintage blouses, coats, belts, shoes, and more. There are several racks of clothes that get updated with new product every few minutes or so as more clothes get bought.

I found out…

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