DC Cares

In order to further enhance our commitment to community engagement, Digitally Chic is pleased to announce, DC Cares, our new volunteer initiative based on the concept of generalized reciprocity or “paying it forward”. This concept is based on idea that the world would be a better and more harmonious place if a person who benefits from the good deed of another, repay that good deed by performing a good deed for another person in need.

Basically, when someone does a good deed for you pay it forward by doing a good deed for someone else. The networking and relationships formed through Digitally Chic have created lasting connections and we want to not only offer these to our members, but we want to extend our network to our community. If our community doesn’t grow, we don’t grow. We constantly strive to create an environment where everyone has the necessary tools to succeed and if they don’t, they have the support of individuals willing to go the extra mile and pay it forward.

DC Cares will work to raise awareness about local charity organizations, host volunteer days, allow our members to suggest and recommend volunteer organizations to work with and help our members get more involved with volunteering in the San Francisco-Bay Area community.

DC Cares Mission Statement

DC Cares’ mission is to enhance our local community volunteer organizations by providing them with the support and connections they need to foster growth and raise awareness to their individual causes.

Always remember, generosity is contagious!

Contact us for more info at dccares@digitallychic.com

3 responses to “DC Cares

  1. ryan

    I think it is great that you guys are doing this. I wish you the best of luck on your new volunteer initiative.

  2. Ashley

    Im so happy for you Gel, Ash and Nat… You guys are handling your business and this is where it really counts 🙂 … KUDOS!!!!

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